In order for any company to succeed, it must have employees who understand how to accomplish specific organizational goals. However, most companies struggle with employee retention because they lack training programs that teach employees how to effectively solve problems and develop work processes.

Some organizations simply cannot afford to hire enough people to handle everything themselves. They end up having to delegate tasks to lower-level employees, while higher-level managers try to figure out how to fix these issues. But, why should an individual manager be expected to spend all day every day trying to train his subordinates? There has to be a better way!

That’s where Process Improvement comes in. It allows managers to focus on the big picture and not worry as much about making sure each person knows exactly what he/she should be doing.

Process improvement also helps organizations streamline their operations and reduce waste. Instead of spending hours teaching people how to perform tasks correctly, managers can save time and energy by using templates and checklists. This allows managers to quickly identify areas of weakness within the organization and address them before things get worse.

So whether you have a small team of two or a larger group of 100, this book will help you create a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure your employees become self-sufficient in terms of performing their job functions.