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Technology companies catered to their employees’ needs. Now They’re Firing Them

 In 1998, with only $20 million in funding, SpaceX was founded as a commercial space company. It didn’t last long. As the years went on, SpaceX became increasingly ambitious and innovative. By 2006, the company had raised over $1 billion in capital and launched its first rocket. Since then, SpaceX has become the leader in private sector space flight.

 In this article, we will learn how SpaceX got started and where it is today. We will also see why the founders were able to overcome such obstacles as lack of funds and a hostile government.

SpaceX is the most interesting and innovative company in the world right now. They have changed everything about how we go to space. This company is truly amazing. And if you get the opportunity to work there, you should definitely consider it.

SpaceX’s history began when Elon Musk joined PayPal in 2002. He worked there for less than two years before he quit to start his own venture called The idea behind was to create an online payment system that would be better than what existed at the time. With only $20 million dollars in funding, they created their first product – a web-based email service.


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