With the global coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been forced to stay home and practice social distancing. This has given us the opportunity to reflect on how technology is changing our lives, especially in terms of work.

We surveyed over 200 new grads from top schools across North America who were selected as Tech Pioneer members because of their innovative ideas and ability to create meaningful impact with their work. These students came from diverse backgrounds including Computer Science, Business Administration, Engineering, Finance, Law, Media, Medicine, Public Health, Social Work, Software Development, and many others.

These students shared their thoughts on how technology will change society in the coming years, and here are the highlights of their predictions:

1. A shift away from ownership toward access

2. More personalized services

3. Automation of processes

4. More efficient government

5. Increased automation in education

6. Improved healthcare

7. Better accessibility

8. Increased safety

9. More personalization in media

10. Increased collaboration between humans and machines

11. The end of white-collar jobs

12. Increased transparency

13. Decreased unemployment

14. Increased privacy concerns

15. Changes in the way people interact with each other

16. Greater emphasis on mental health

17. Increased digital literacy