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What Is Technology?

 Ever wonder how technology has changed over time? What will computers look like 20 years from now? Will we all live in virtual reality? Or maybe even travel back in time? Well, I’m going to tell you everything you wanted to know about technology but were afraid to ask…

┬áIn this article, you’ll learn about every single aspect of technology and why it matters to us today and tomorrow. From the birth of computer science to the future of AI, I’ll explain each technological innovation and its impact on our lives. You’ll also learn about the most important innovations to watch for in 2020 and beyond!

In ancient times, people knew how to make fire, weave cloth, build boats, and use stone tools. They had no written language, and they did not understand the concept of zero. But they could count up to four.

They developed tools for hunting, farming, and mining. They learned about astronomy, medicine, mathematics, and engineering. And they discovered the laws of physics.

As people began to live together in cities, they needed ways to store food, protect themselves against disease, and communicate with each other.

People invented writing and numbers. They built walls around their homes to keep out animals. They dug wells for water.

And they found ways to harness the power of the wind and the sun.

Then they invented machines.

These early inventions helped people do things faster, better, and cheaper. Machines replace hard work. People become lazy.

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